Books and Flowers

Books and Flowers

August is hot and sticky and I am so thankful for air conditioning.  I went to the store today and bought Tyler Roses, which hopefully I can take a few more photos of tomorrow.  The tulips I purchased did not last long.  It was sad throwing them away today, they were pretty.

I am going to do a color shoot tomorrow: teal, green, orange, red, white.  I am going for lots of light with splashes of color.  Should be fun.

Books and Flowers

I started The Snow Child tonight.  My word, I love it already.  The writing is beautiful. I feel like I am in a wintry Alaska with crip air and fires, rather than drizzling away in the Texas heat.

I did take a few photos today hoping I could sell them on Creative market, but the shoot was a bust.  So I will try again tomorrow.  Hope you have a wonderful evening.

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