Use a Clipping Mask to Create Styled Text

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There are SO many reasons to play around with Photoshop, and the possibilities are endless!   I’ve been crushing on the clipping mask for the last month, it’s just plain fun (as is staying in on a Friday night to watch Gilmore Girls).

Tonight I wanted to create some new designs for Instagram and thought, why I am at it I should do a tutorial!  My passion is doing Photography tutorials and I’ve been getting somewhat side tracked, but I will get back to Photography soon!

Create a Fancy Font in Photoshop

In order to create some fancy text in photoshop you will need:

  • Photoshop (obviously)
  • A Fancy Texture or Picture (I chose a gold texture I bought from Creative Market)
  • A Pretty Font (The Font I am using is called Dreamy also from Creative Market)

First open a texture or photo in photoshop.

Create a Fancy Font in Photoshop

This time I chose a watercolor texture that I found on Creative Market (ok, I guess you know by now I like Creative Market).

After you open the texture or photo you will need to click on the lock that appears on the layer.  This will change the layer to Layer 0.  As in the above photo.

Next choose a fun font (preferably a bold font) and type a greeting or the message you want to use.

Create a Fancy Font in Photoshop

After you add the text you will need to switch the two layers.  So go ahead and click and drag the text layer down to make it the bottom layer.

Create a Fancy Font in Photoshop

After switching the layers you will need to highlight both layers, then hover the mouse between the two layers and option click.

Create a Fancy Font in Photoshop

That’s it! You’re done!  Go ahead and save your styled text and use it in a design or project! So fun and cute!

(If you want to know how to create a Pattern in Photoshop like the Triangle Pattern at the top of tutorial click here.)

Till next time!

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